Work yagyas

We collected to you several yagyas in the work yagyas section to help you to be successful, contented also in this aspect of your life. The success of any work mainly based on the activity of the doer. The activity of the doer based on the thoughts of the doer. The strength of the thoughts based of the awareness of the Self, which is pure consciousness. So to be successful in all area of life you should calm down your mind and cultivate contact with your Self, than with the support of the Self, all of your activities will be strong and successful. Free your mind from impure thoughts and notions, gain the status of the pure consciousness, rest in the Self, than engage in diverse activities in a state of perfect equilibrium.

Balanced mind gives you the chance for balanced thoughts, which leads to balanced acts. That is the secret for a nice life, for harmonious relations. Give up all your doubts, worries, expectations with the help of this yagya. This can be the base of your success in education or in work also.

This yagya can protect you in special hard business cases. It is good to help you in unsolved problems, in competitor cases, in crisis, in money problems, etc...

This yagya helps in putting an end to disagreements with your employer.

This yagya helps in putting an end to disagreements with your employee.

This yagya helps you to multiply your income.

This yagya is recommended in case of starting new venture, business or business branch. Helps you to start business without obstacles.

If you would like to facilitate of finding or changing new job, please choose this yagya.