There is a fundamental difference between Rahu and Ketu and the other planets. The other planets are bodies of physical mass having form, shape, color, gravity, atmosphere, motion etc. Rahu and Ketu are simply two sensitive points on the ecliptic where the moon’s orbit intersects the path of Sun. They give effects of the lord of sign where they are posited or of the planets with whom they are associated. Rahu has the properties of Saturn whereas ketu has the influence of Mars.

Results of Rahu

Rahu is a shadow planet considered malefic in Vedic astrology Rahu is a very unsteady and erratic force ruled by obsessive passions and unconcerned with ethical notions of right and wrong. A well placed Rahu can confer great success in a very quick manner to the native. It can make the native powerful, wealthy, well connected in society, lucky in speculations.
The success provided by the Rahu is always very quick. An ill-placed Rahu would create much hurdles, breaks, mental tensions, poverty and loss.

Results of Ketu

Ketu is shadow planet termed malefic in Vedic astrology. Ketu represents spirituality, detachment from materialistic world, intelligence, wisdom, meditation and nirvana. For worldly attainments, ketu is a malefic since it causes losses, hurdles and breaks in material success. But on the other hand, for the spiritually inclined people, Ketu is the supreme provider of the spiritual advancements and for them.

How Rahu & Ketu is for you?

First you need to check role of Rahu & Ketu in your birth chart (Horoscope) if it is auspicious then is it capable (potential) to give results in its represented area in your life? If it is inauspicious for you then which areas of your life’s creating blockage and harmful for you?

Pt. Umesh analyzes birth chart for finding specific Results of Rahu/Ketu in your life.

Why and who need Rahu or Ketu Yagya?

1. Professional & occupations, who related to researcher, lawyers, airlines departments, computers, electronics, information technology, can get more benefit from Rahu yagya.

2. Person who wants to prevent or cure disease related to fall from high places, ulcer, leprosy, skin disease, undiagnosed disease, Phobia, confusing mind, lack of concentration. You can overcome from these ailments from support of this yagya.