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"The various types of yagyas - expounded by the Vedas - connect the individual with the entire process of cosmic evolution. Yagyas thus have various levels of influence from the grossest to the subtlest states of creation, but always pointing towards the ultimate goal of the human evolution, to God-consciousness." - Maharishi. So yagyas (yagnas or yajnas) are like this, they keep us on the real evolutionary path. Lucky are the people who live the fullness of life in total harmony, and in satisfaction. Lucky are the people who are shopping with us. Let’s create a harmonious life with yagyas.


Birthday yagya is for protection, prosperity, happiness and health for the year to come, and is good also for removing obstacles. We highly recommend this yagya to everybody. Please be sure to order this yagya for yourself or for the members of your family.

This yagya contains all the planetary yagyas. This is the perfect combination for increasing the auspicious effects of the planets and to decrease or stop the negative ones. Therefore this yagya supports you in all areas of your life, helps you to live a balanced life. This yagya is recommended...

This yagya is for the fulfillment of material desires, and to get divine wisdom. Laxmi, is the adobe of all auspiciousness, beauty, wealth, happiness, fortune, luxury, fertility and power. Participating in this yagya helps you to be happy, healthy, wealty. Laxmi help you to obtain good progeny,...

We send you free of charge yagya recommendation. Through yagyas it is possible to balance negative effects of life and to enhance positive ones.


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"If I order yagya from a website,  for me  the  most important thing is  to receive a complete service  from a trustiness team. From your team I had all the required support. Your website is specially nice, and easy to use.  Thanks again, the yagya peformance was amaizing." A. D.

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